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teams to the home of justin bieber and ashton kutcher. >> it could be boredom, loneliness, out of desire to be noticed, if not by the immediate family, or not be noticed and get away with it. >> reporter: dr. crespo is a longtime psychologist. >> it would be difficult to conceive that there would be an understanding of all the consequences. >> reporter: the boy that allegedly created this chaos, whose name police haven't released, apparently hacked into the system, sending a message via a teletype machine. sources tell us the boy lived in southern california but not l.a. county. tmz is reporting the child lived in an apartment with his mother, is home schooled, and that they've been visited frequently by child services. >>> well, video of an eagle snatching a baby had a lot of people all over the internet pretty freaked out. >> is it real or is it fake? well, it's fake. we learned today that students at a production school in canada made the video for a 3d animation class. plus, bird experts say there's no way an eagle can lift a child. it's pretty realistic, though. >>> getting cold out
of that loneliness and reach out in a community. in many congregations, my own included, there are different services for different community groups. so there's a family service, there's a young person service. there's more musical service with a band, and it tells me that music has a sort of a hot line for people. they can't talk about god, use the word god, sometimes god talk is difficult but they can sing prayers and they can feel a connection that is different when you sing it as opposed to just reading the words or saying it out loud. and so i think a lot of synagogues are trying to cater to musical tastes of their congregations. there's a little bit of a danger in that in that we have a very rich tradition that unfortunately is falling by the wayside. and i feel it's my mission to be a bridge, to bring a contemporary service that speaks to people in the here and now, but not give up on our rich musical traditions which i think would be a great loss. >> some of the things that we're doing in my congregation is also putting intergenerational kind of activities. i don't mean programming, i mean in
"fervents of love", his great loneliness without her. "wishing myself," he says, "in my sweetheart's arms, whose pretty dukkys i trust shortly to kiss," "dukkys" being a term in henry's day for... well, use your imagination. what is that doing in the vatican library? >> collins: we don't know how they ended up here in the vatican. it may be that some spy, maybe one of my priestly predecessors, may have stolen these letters and brought them to rome to present in the case if a trial was made for henry's request for a divorce. >> safer: but the church refused to let henry divorce catherine of aragon so he could marry anne. he married her anyway, broke with rome, and took control of the church of england. the country was largely converted to the protestant faith. >> celenza: this is one of the moments in the 16th century that leads to the fracturing of christianity, and to much of the bloodshed and the wars that, especially, the later 16th century was known for. >> safer: as man explored the planet, a scientific revolution was also underway. by the mid-17th century, navigators had mapped much
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)